Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lace and Corsets

Amazing Dress found on completely unveiled! Love the combo of the lace with the more rigid structure of the corset style top. I do have to say that I have found a dress (will share in has english netting). I really have despised and loved the wedding dress shopping experience. It is very bizarre if you think of shopping experiences. Never have people paid attention to me so much and at the same time walked away the second you don't like something. In the end I went with a local designer here in Vancouver, that I am so stoked about. She is an amazing designer and just a darling of a person! I think, well I know thats the theme of my wedding only nice and wonderful people invited!

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Anonymous said...

dear miss jo:
(this title may no longer be so...since you were wed not long ago!)

it's been '2 days of rain' here in Peterborough and I've been doing some browsing/musing/writing/playing/creating on my computer.

you definitely made your dream come true in a wedding dress more lovely than the one here in your blog...and you were more beautiful than the model...ravishing comes to mind!