Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY Advent Calendar

So this year I decided to be crafty for christmas, and instead of buying loads of decorations and other stuff (crap) I wanted to be crafty! So first on the list is the DIY Advent Calendar with a modern twist.

I started with nice craft paper with great prints, which i made little envelopes from.

I used velum to print little number signs in different colours to attach with the little clothes clips, which would then attach the envelope to the string as well.

I also found these greta cork stickies at a craft store on Main street (at the time i had no purpose for them) that are perfect as little seals for the envelopes!

And what is inside? Well.....little love notes and coupons for my honey!

And here are the envelopes all before i put them on the string above the fire place!

I really loved the project it was super fun, although it did take me a while since i did make the envelopes from scratch etc. What do you think?


fridica said...

I love the final product!

Aurelia said...

ha ha ha~~~~ I'm so adore your idea... it's amazing.. I'm going to do the same... "100 kiss coupon" so cute!!

Kristy said...

Great idea Jojo! Amazing presentation. <3 it.

Becca/Dans Mon Boudoir said...

Hi! Saw you are also participating in the Blog for Digs! I love this advent calendar you made! So so cute, and a fun project do w/some friends! Ugh, wish I saw this sooner!!


kristie said...

i absolutely adore this!! it's bookmarked as a project for next year.. happy 2011!