Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New Office

Or rather a new office to me. During this Christmas break I am going to be re-organizing and re-decorating my home office, which frankly is in a pathetic state at this moment. To the point where I can barely hang out in it let alone do work or do some yoga. My main problems:
1. Nothing Matches
2. Furniture is too big and completely useless
3. I have too many crafty hobbies and nothing is organized properly because I have yet to figure out multi functionality for items.

My dear friends from Creative Room will help me in this endeavor. I will try to document my trials and tribulations of this aesthetic and functionality reno. I am not going to put up a photo till I have a before and after. It will be much more exciting this way.

Here are some of my inspirations. (More Inspirations to come!)

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Andry said...

Good feature! The New Office Furniture looks fantastic over all for your office area.