Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Douglas Coupland and His Next Door House

Love all the crazy puzzle art or games!

Incredible. My eyes are in colour overload from all this wonderful colourful art!

No words! Just mesmerizing.

So lovely, all that a Vancouver home can be!

Who doesn't want a massive laundry detergent bottle art piece in their home?

"Douglas Coupland, the author of "Generation X," Microserfs" and the upcoming novel "Generation A," renovated a midcentury house in Vancouver, British Columbia, that could technically be called a second home, though it doesn't really provide much of a scenery change: it sits directly behind his primary residence."

Amazing! First of all I love Douglas Coupland's books, not only because he is from Vancouver but because they are brilliant. Now that I see the insides of this amazing and playful home, I want to go hang out with him!

Via New York Times.

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