Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shoes from space

I have seen these around now for a bit of time but I have not warmed up a bit. I just find them hideous, they remind me of jelly shoes gone bad.

Seriously, if these are meant to actually fit this way that your toes hang out in space, then I have to say these things are for sure uncomfortable and just not............GOOD LOOKING!

Apparently at any given point in time there is a fashion show happening somewhere around the world! Thanks to Jak & Jil we can always be in the know! This is another installment of shoes I probably would never wear.

Nope! I don't think they are very comfortable nor do they look nice. Just really silly.

These are a little much for me with the giant studs, although I do enjoy a stud or two once in a while.


And even more ridiculous! Seriously would you wear these?

I find these gawdy and tacky!

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Kara @ KSS said...

Hahaha I agree. Those shoes are horrible.