Monday, June 22, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas

Not doing it for me! Better be fake!

I really hope that jacket is also fake!

Not only is this fur but it looks like a giant mess fur or not!

(Via Jak & Jill)
Anyone that ever wears new made furs is making a huge faux pas. It's ok if you are reusing furs that were made ages ago, the point is not to spur further killing of innocent animals en masse just for their furs.

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citysage said...

Yes, yes and yes! Especially since I became a kitty mommy I shudder at the thought of fur. I have a couple of my grandmother's from the 1970's and they look gorgeous of course, but i never wear them because it just makes me too sad...

But a faux fur throw for my couch in the winter? Yes, please!