Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Sunshine

Via Loveology
Hello darlings, it's finally super sunny and warm in Vancouver. And I still have to get through 7 hours of sitting in my office! Here is some fun stuff from around our world.

Nice Jewelery Rack.

A fab space with so much teak I want to run away to it.

Sexy stuff.

Dressed in yellow works!

Peaceful white spaces for the mind.

Deconstruction.....does it work for you?

Dressing like your bedroom.

Hand stitched love letter!

Another beautifully decorated place.

Some boots for tall people.

Something I want!

Paper products that you would never use but you would certainly love all the time!

Inspiration boards as art!

Check out Fifi's amazing fashion.

New twist on russian dolls.

Inspiration Apples.

Heart Shaped

Oh my...I want one of these swans.

Rugged ring

Nest egg necklace, so nice.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends, I am going to enjoy the sun this weekend, and some flea market fun!

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