Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion Trends from the Blogosphere


Love the little skirts with high waists. Still not a fan of the 80's blazer, perhaps it is because I grew up in that decade I feel I don't need to relive it!

bunny Bisous

Fellow Stawberry Redhead! Love this cute unique style that is young but somewhat classic.

Sea of Shoes

First of all this girl has a crazy collection of designer shoes and vintage pieces. I am not the biggest fan of these look but the one piece is growing on me fast!


Cute all over minus the torn tights. Reminds me of my Niravana days! Love the glasses!

Style Bubble

Hmmm I love style Bubble for her always unique and crazy outfits! i really like all these dresses minus the sheer business going on on the right!

Fashion Toast

I am going to use a strong word...hate those white shoes! I am sorry but I do! Fashion Toast really channels that 90's grunge look don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, I may be complaining and critiquing some of these trends, but I do love the fact that these ladies dress in their own ways, and get noticed! Gives our little blogosphere some weight, and perhaps it's not so little after all!

The overall trend that I have noticed is short skirts and high heels....but when is that trend ever going to go away! I think I am opposed to any trends that remind me of my teens :)

Would you wear these trends?

Found via Refiner29


sarah said...

Excellent roundup - I like your choice of outfits/trends.

Miss Jo said...

the wonderful roundup was done by the fine people at refinery29, I am just merely the peanut gallery :)