Friday, April 3, 2009

Amazing Work/Live Spaces

I love this open space and the shelving. Soon you will get sick of me talking about shelving.

Love the furniture and the layout, or rather what they did with the layout.

OK who can say no to a patio swing in their bedroom/living room?

I am so envious of this work space, I think I may get some ideas from this....

Such as this great idea! I love this!

Love the forest wall!

Great workspace meeting place. I just love the warmth of the space.

Amazing Live/Work Space found on MadebyGirl. I am in love, I want to move now!


carolynn said...

this space is actually the home of stephen and shauna over at

Lauren K said...

Holy cow! Amazing is right! What an awesome space.

Anonymous said...

love this space! i want to go to there!

xoxo! ange