Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love this Look

Sorry dear followers I have been so swamped at work, I have dearly neglected all of you! But don't worry, lots to come in the coming weeks :)

Via Sartorialist

Monday, April 27, 2009

Creative Spaces

I am in love with this re-painted fireplace. I love the lightness and romantic mixed with the bold.

Drool Drool Drool. If any of you have actually followed this blog long enough, you may know I have a slight obsession with anything mid century teak. Like a serious obsession, unfortunately I don't own much of it because I can't seem to find good things out here in Vancouver. So this dresser and credenza are making me really really jealous. But beyond that:
a. great wallpaper
b. anyone that has a plastic reindeer head in their house deserves a big high five
c.nice chandelier

Above all these two are so cute!

And I want their dog, seriously!

Mmmmmm yeah, awesome space. They converted the garage into a living space and opened it up to a garden deck. Again drool!

Check out this great home featured on Made by Girl.

Great Giveaway at Macaroni Club

A great giveaway over at the Macaroni Club. A lovely pendant from Leah Sak!
Make sure to leave a comment on the Macaroni Club and check out Leah Sak!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Ads

Check out this amazing earth day ads from here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Want to be silly with my cat :)

Via Down and Out Chic

Branch Closet

It looks like the branch is just floating in space, but I am positive it is attached to something! Looks awesome though, wish my closet was this small :)

via Desire to Inspire

Hot outfit Alert

I think it's the pretty lady that writes the NAST blog., Love that shirt and pant combo.....and why do people in vancouver never look like this lol

Via Nast!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pretty Hair

This is what my hair looks like sometimes in the mornings....hehehe only red of course :)

Love this casual and layered look.

From the blog I can not read NAST

Friday, April 17, 2009

Have a lovely weekend!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Can't remember where I got this photo but I love it, perhaps I will knit something this weekend! A quick round up of our little blogging community.

1. Best jazz shoes.

2. Some lucite furnishings if you like that type of stuff.

3. Perhaps you need chains of love?

4. Who doesn't want a giant knitted puff!

5. Beautiful spaces, distractive blogs and some nice photos.

6. I really want to eat dinner here and here.

7. Even Fifi is wearing these necklaces.

8. Another great find by decor 8.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clothing Line Favorites: Humanoid

so cute

I think the outfit on the right is my all time favorite.

Love the boyfriend shirt!

Ok I love all these photos more than even the clothes! I bet having these clothes would definitely make my day :)

Want this!

Amazing line from the Netherlands called Humanoid. I love all their silky clothing and comfy cottons. It also doesn't hurt that the main models hair is amazing and the photographer is also pretty crafty!

Made me smile

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When I saw this photo I almost shed a tear for cuteness and sweetness! Aren't these two adorable? makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside :)

via Bliss

Bike Glam

Mmmmmm Damm I want to look this good on a bicycle! Fab outfit and bike!

Via {this is glamorous}

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My work outfit for tomorrow!

Romney Leader! So adorable for work no wonder she is a fashion editor for!
I am so wearing this to work tomorrow, although I may have to find some of my own pieces!

Via Sartorialist

Who is Giovanna?

Love this outfit. The skirt is super cute and the boots are quite stunners.

Great little work number.

Love it.

She loves these boots.

Normally I would say no to animal prints but this works on her, minus the fur.

Who is Giovanna? I don't know, seems like someone in the fashion industry, perhaps you could inform me because she is one well dressed lady! Minus the furs which I personally do not like seeing and the smokes!

Via what else but the Sartorialist

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Don't know why but I really love this outfit, I couldn't wear it myself but hey she looks so adorable!

via Sartorialist

Missing in the Rain

Sorry darling readers but I was on a much needed vacation away from all things wireless for 5 days. It was great but I have to say my hands started twitching on the 5th day!

I was in a great place called La Push, Washington on the Olympic National Forest Peninsula. It did rain a lot but the place is truly mystical and beautiful and a phenomenal get away from the city!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Giveaway

You could be so lucky as to be wearing these beauties, go over to a Cup of Jo to enter!
Anybody want to give something away on 2 days in the rain?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Local Gem: Lily & Jae

Best shirt of the season by a mile.

I am in love with this dress.

The entire jean line is pretty brilliant. The lovely high waisted pants and jumper pants are my favorite, of this or any season.

You should all check out Vancouver local designer Lily & Jae, if you have not already! The spring 2009 collection is looking really tempting as seen in pictures above. The online stores even ships to the US.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun and Balloons

Balloons and sunshine make me want to run outside, put on a summer dress and have picnics under willows!

Via Kissing Cage

Friday, April 3, 2009

Of course she is French

Oh I love these bangs, scarf, and that vintage watch around her neck!

Such an adorable look, the glasses are the cherry on top!

I love this layered look and that long hair!

Very nice. Young and Classic! I like.

Layers again, brilliant.

Total 50's classic.

Found a new street style photographer, Sophie from NAST.
Can't read anything on the site but the photos and outfits are pretty brilliant!

Fashion Trends from the Blogosphere


Love the little skirts with high waists. Still not a fan of the 80's blazer, perhaps it is because I grew up in that decade I feel I don't need to relive it!

bunny Bisous

Fellow Stawberry Redhead! Love this cute unique style that is young but somewhat classic.

Sea of Shoes

First of all this girl has a crazy collection of designer shoes and vintage pieces. I am not the biggest fan of these look but the one piece is growing on me fast!


Cute all over minus the torn tights. Reminds me of my Niravana days! Love the glasses!

Style Bubble

Hmmm I love style Bubble for her always unique and crazy outfits! i really like all these dresses minus the sheer business going on on the right!

Fashion Toast

I am going to use a strong word...hate those white shoes! I am sorry but I do! Fashion Toast really channels that 90's grunge look don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, I may be complaining and critiquing some of these trends, but I do love the fact that these ladies dress in their own ways, and get noticed! Gives our little blogosphere some weight, and perhaps it's not so little after all!

The overall trend that I have noticed is short skirts and high heels....but when is that trend ever going to go away! I think I am opposed to any trends that remind me of my teens :)

Would you wear these trends?

Found via Refiner29


via Double Takes.

Amazing Work/Live Spaces

I love this open space and the shelving. Soon you will get sick of me talking about shelving.

Love the furniture and the layout, or rather what they did with the layout.

OK who can say no to a patio swing in their bedroom/living room?

I am so envious of this work space, I think I may get some ideas from this....

Such as this great idea! I love this!

Love the forest wall!

Great workspace meeting place. I just love the warmth of the space.

Amazing Live/Work Space found on MadebyGirl. I am in love, I want to move now!