Monday, March 23, 2009

Shoes......that I don't like so much

OK Seriously. Nothing attractive about these ones.

NONONO Sorry I have nothing else to say.

These are just too much. ALSO I don't think it is at all attractive when women wear stockings with open toed shoes.

At least she is not wearing stockings.

These could be ok.

All photos from Jack and Jill. You know some of these shoes are just about being out there, I don't think they are neither nice nor attractive. Of course all these photos are from fashion shows, so I am not surprised! And also don't be commenting on here that shoes are not for comfort but for the look, which I agree with, some shoes however are eye sores :) But seriously would you pay upwards to $1,000 for one of these?

OK and one for comfort! NO WAY are these even remotely comfortable. I bet you can barely walk from the apartment to the cab and cab to the restaurant to sit!

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anonymously chic said...

haha, i'm digging your "i don't like" posts. they make me laugh.