Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Enchanted Doll

Must check out this site The Enchanted Doll! These are actual dolls, they are pristine! I know I am a bit old for dolls, but these are amazing works of art! They look like paintings. The detail in the clothing and accessories alone is brilliant. I am so in love!


mitra said...

i'm so glad you put my suggestion up, jo! actually connor was the one to find it. and it's a small world, zuzia just informed me that she went to school with the creator of these awesome dolls. so we can actually try to meet the artist!


anonymously chic said...

is wish porcelain dolls didn't scare me so much, but it's a childhood phobia i can't shake!

BoDy anD SouL said...

I think they are fabulous!