Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some people just got it

Being in New York recently and experiencing fashion week, you just get this sense of style and need for style from people. People dress to impress in New York, hence you often feel underdressed if you are walking in SoHo and you don't have high heels. And forget it if you are wearing sneakers (don't worry no sneakers for me lol). Some style from Sartorialist from NY. I love that people push the trends and dress to impress. I often wish people in Vancouver would take more time to dress well and think about what they are wearing, both women AND men.

Love her hair btw, and great sleak business style.

Oh I just love this look, with the oversized scarf and fedora in the tones of winter and fall.

Men dress very well in NY as you can see.

I have to say I hate the drop/poop pants but they were on this lady.

Love it, cute and layered.

Again, adorable.

Great style.


I love this girl, love her hair, outfit, and radiance.


citysage said...

AH yes, nyc style. isn't everyone there just 100% on, all the time? it's actually quite intimidating to live there and NOT be 5' 10" and of the reasons we left was because we got sick of having to dress up just to go run our errands!

but I do miss it, now that i'm a northern california girl living in fleece and sweats all the time ;)

Ara said...

the last girl is actually norwegian, hanneli mustaparta, model and now working for mtv. she is georgeus!