Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flower Home

Sometimes people say, simple is the answer, minimalism is the way to go, one picture per wall. I say blah. It may work for some people, but I tend to collect, and I do like to display my collections as does my partner! And so I always appreciate and love to see home's of people who are not afraid to collect and have their own unique interior decor.

Great rich colour! It almost feels luxurious!

I like the mix of colour, texture and style.

Teacups? One of my collection items. In fact my partner tells me I am not allowed to buy any more antique teacups. I tell him when he stops collecting toy figurines I will stop collecting tea cups. I love this display and the fact that all her teacups are different.

You know if I walked into a home, and on the wall there was one of these paintings, I would probably cringe. BUT it really really works when there is just a bunch of them. It's almost as if it's wallpaper.

Love it!

Again, love it. The flower paintings on the wall and all the lovely furniture. 
So what do you think.....could you live here? 

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