Saturday, February 14, 2009

FASHION WEEK and good Tips

So no photos but guess what! I got to go to a fashion week show, it was super fun! We went to Karen Walker's runway show! No the biggest fan of the clothes but that doesn't matter! It was an experience, hope you all have a chance to go one day!

Also I want to give a big thanks to our Anne from City of Sage! She gave me so many tips of places to go to and they were all so wonderful, and some sooooo divine, bordering on evil good! The city baker chocolate chip cookie made my hands shake it was so yummy!

I think Anne should write a Downtown guide :)

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citysage said...

You're very welcome my darling! I'm SO glad you went to city bakery for the cookie---they really are some of the best in the city. I can almost taste one now!

My office was just around the corner from there and a cookie and an iced tea was the ultimate TGIF afternoon treat!

And isn't a fashion show just the craziest, trippiest thing you've ever seen? I went to a couple while I lived there and it's a whole other world...

I'm thrilled you had a good time in NY!