Sunday, January 11, 2009


So I am getting my haircut on Tuesday, and I am doing the bangs!

I am thinking something like this:

I lie the thick bang.

Long bangs....I am not sure they will work for me that well! BTW I love the outfit!


citysage said...

I LOVE the look of thick, heavy bangs. If you can rock 'em, go for it!

I've taken the plunge a number of times over the past five year, and I always last about two days until I get tired of styling them (I have a very stubborn cowlick). Then I spend the next six months buying lots of bobby pins to hold them back til they grow out!

So in other words, I'm totally jealous of people who have the patience to have awesome a pic when you get the cut!

Kristy said...

I saw this last shot from sartorialist and loved it too! and i think you need, really need, the purple pants/suit from the first photo for your look to really rock.

andrea said...

jo... turns out the bangs totally do work for you! xo! a