Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing Apartment

Another gem from the Selby! I just adore this book lovers apartment, coincidentally it's owned by a write, go figure. Often I post about amazing spaces but in reality I could never see myself in a lot of them....This place though, I could see myself sitting on that lovely antique couch!

They have a ladder to the dream

Beautiful Colours!

The floor is pretty stunning on it's own but combined with the red stairs and the lovely goldish tint to the walls! Brings you back in time!

If this doesn't bring you back in time I don't know what will!

Ahhh yeah............bookshelves filled with antique books..drool! I am such a nerd!

The couple is also not so bad looking.

1 comment:

miss rayshauna said...

oh my goodness, that apartment is beautiful! i swear, i almost fainted when i saw the ladder. so don't worry, you're not alone.

us nerds have got to stick together.

adorable blog, by the way.