Monday, December 8, 2008

Sartoria for Men

OK! So I love the Sartoria List!
Usually I just look at all the lovely outfits the women around the world are sporting as we speak but in fact the Sartoria List is as much fashion for men as it is for women! I have decided to show off my favorite boys and their outfits from the Sartoria List. What do you MEN think, would you sport these duds? Or for you girls would you like your Guy to be wearing one of these get ups? My personal favorites:

I like the ensemble!

Great look, too bad Alex would never wear this lol!

Like the look, not sure if I am a fan of the male purse....I don't know there is something about it!

Love the look, I mean come on! I really like this layered easy going to look!

Nerdy Cute! Like he should be working on a mathematical formula right now.

Ok this is here, 'cause I mean to see any guy wear this gay or straight is freaking awesome. This man looks more fierce then the ladies!


This is from Rio how could you complain.

In that whole hipster look, the hipster look is ok on some people!

Interesting but I dont like!

Another Hipster! I swear there is someone in a suit here.

I like this look, again layers, hats, etc etc!

So what do you guys think????


citysage said...

Love em all! I'm pretty flexible when it comes to guy's clothing. as long as it looks like they put effort into it, I'm appreciative of many different styles.

but can you believe that I have a client who I bough a gorgeous black cardigan for---it was slim, merino wool from DKNY with smooth, buttery leather black elbow patches. And he refuses to wear it because he thinks 'only nerds' wear cardigans. i went straight to the sartorialist to try to prove otherwise, but he still refuses. alas, I had to give the cardigan to my husband ;)

Sarah Von said...

I love the jobhper fellow. He's all "Yeah!? WHAT! I'm one fierce-ass equestrian."

Miss Jo said...

jobher fellow is definitely fierce! Nerdy guys look way better than the straight up suit banker!