Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favorites from the Selby: Work Spaces

As you know I love the Selby because we get a glimpse into the houses of some very creative people! This time around I am looking just at their workspaces, to mainly make myself feel better about my messy disorganized work space lol I will soon upload a photo of my workspace but not till I tidy it up!

My boyfriend named 4 of the gadgets in this photo, I would have no idea where to start or what to look at but I like it! Love all the gadgets so tight together :)

Love the mess!

I adore work space, especially art studios! Look at this place!

Clean and sharp......almost too clean for me

Love it, I want a photo studio and lighting!


I love this work space!


intwo said...

great post!

We need to start looking for shared studio space!

Project Ecoart said...

Love these pics too. We have a studio space inside our retail store in Malibu. We love our little creative haven..