Saturday, November 29, 2008

Buy Nothing Day

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ginger Bread Houses

Shape Architecture

Busby Perkins & Will

D'Arcy Jones Design

Bricault Design

Amazing Alphabet People's Coalition

Some houses from the Ginger Bread competition! Which is your favorite?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorites from the Sartoria List

New favorites from Sartoria List!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gingerbread House Competition by Creative Room

So the exciting news that I was meaning to tell you this week was about this great gingerbread house competition that I have been part of! It is run by the fabulously creative team at the Creative Room, the talented Vancouver Special, and sponsored by EATCommunication.

You can check out all the gingerbread houses at the creative room and bid on your favorite! Or if you are in the Vancouver area you can check them out in person at the Vancouver Special store on Main street. The big fundraising event is happening next Tuesday November 25th at the Vancouver Special shop on Main Street! All money raised will be given to the Pivot Legal Society! Be There!

Below an image of our teams gingerbread house/concept! What do you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vain and Vapid F/W 09

Lovely new pieces from Julie of Vain and Vapid.

I love this little dress. I think it's pretty dammmmmmm adorable!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Fashion and Bikes

{photo source: the sartorialist}

Fall is one of my favorites seasons, well when I really think about it, I love all seasons of the year! That is probably why I love Vancouver, we really do see the seasons change here particularly the fall when all the leaves on the trees turn golden and red, and enrich the view from every corner of the city. One of the things I love to do in the fall too is ride my bike around! But hey there is no reason to not have style while riding your bike, whatever season it may be. Now I am all in for riding in Vancouver BUT not when its raining, that's the one season that never stops in Vancouver: the rain season. Anyways, back to riding bicycles in fun clothes, there is absolutely no reason not to be able to ride your lovely bicycle in some nice clothes, just make sure you don;t over do it on the work out portion of the riding if you are wearing your going clothes!

Now Vancouver is known as a city of alternative transportation methods but I think we still need to learn some lessons from the city of bicycles: Copenhagen. Look at all these lovely people riding their bicycles in style despite rain or shine, they even have a blog dedicated to it!

There also some in Poland:





And in Italy where style is the KEY:

I love photos of cute people on bikes! If you have photos, blog or website suggestions send them my way!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Weekend

Hello dears! So it's the weekend once again, and I can't wait to just relax, which in all likelihood won't really happen. I have way too many projects on the go. One of them I will be sharing with you this Tuesday, trust me it will be fun!

For the weekend I leave you with my favorite images from the blogosphere week:

from Girl Meets NYC

from Audrey Kawasaki

from Loveology

from Loveology

from City Sage

from City Sage

from Persophone Vintage

.....and a lovely love note.

from love notes

Clothing Picks for Friday

It is Friday again, and here are my great clothing finds for this week! Oh I wish I could actually get some of these clothes but I can't find them anywhere here in Vancouver.

Loeffler Randall

Filipa K

I love all these tailored pants and soft flowing tops, perfect for a fun outing and even to work! I especially love the high waisted black pant with the soft gray blouse. I know some people are not a fan of the high waisted pant/skirt but I absolutely love the look. I think it really translates into a more classic look, reminiscent of the Mad Men years!

Micheal Kors

OK and some of my favorite designer, Micheal Kors. He has definitely been very influenced by the Man Men years. I just love the 'secretary' look, and secretly dream of being on Mad Men sometimes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SAWA Global Fundraiser

So aside from checking out a billion blogs and website, I actually do work. I want to share with you one of the places where I have been dedicating a significant amount of time and effort into its growth and transition into a global change maker. The non profit is called SAWA Global, it is a Vancouver based organization that aims to bring 'A Global Voice to Local Heroes' from around the world through videography, social media and the web. I think the organization is just at the beginning stages of what it can accomplish in this world and the individuals and communities it can positively affect. I know often on the blogosphere we focus on some very materialistic and perhaps not so significant issues (although some might argue important to our sanity none the less), and sometimes all of us need a bit of a nudge in the abs to realize how lucky we all are for the things we have, the opportunities and the places we are allowed to visit. So I would like to invite all of you who read this blog or browse through it to go and check out SAWA Global. You never know it could teach you something new, or give you new inspiration that you didn't know you had!

SAWA is really about connecting people from around the world to share their stories, and experiences, and work together to create actual solutions to the problems and challenges which so many people and communities are ailed by. In just a year we have been able to make a difference, and give many people a voice which was mussled by distance, lack of resources, and lack of understanding!

Post a Secret

Great new blog/project. The premise is that people mail in their secrets, anonymously, on the back of a post card, those secrets are then posted on this site. What a great idea!

I encourage you to check it out, some interesting and silly stuff.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Blog: Le Love

Found this lovely new blog via A Cup of Jo called Le Love!
It is "dedicated to romantic, sweet, lovey dovey, sexy and heart fluttering images".

This is actually an image of one of my all time favorite places on the selby!

Great images!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Only $19.99

The most hilarious thing I have ever seen but it's for real, you can buy it here! This is a new level of infomercial madness!

A White Apartment

Love this cozy space! Can't quite remember where I found this, but I love it none the less!
I am especially found of the giant bay windows, and the use of sheep skin rugs. I tried the sheep skin rug in my own home once, and it was all fine and dandy till the cat got at them. I think he really though he was fighting other cats, because when I would come back from work the whole place was covered in sheep skin reminents!

New Selby Favorite

The Selby never disappoints, also finding interesting and eclectic individual, and their lovely living spaces! This time around it is designer abigail and artist philip smiley's wonderful London home.

Alex would never let me do this in the bedroom!

Nice Nice! Photos of great shoes never hurt!


The house entrance is so London! I love it, so quaint and cozy!