Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Society for Rational Dress

Love it all, especially jumpsuit on the right.




I just found this great design house called Society for Rational Dress, now I don't know how well some of these clothes would actually suit my body type but I find them amazing, and I am sure they would look great on everybody else. I don't know whether it is the fabrics or the fabulous design or the fact that they are just different, but most likely all of the above. And on top of it all the display of clothing and the photography of it is pretty stellar!

{All photos source from Society for Rational Dress}


PN said...

Do the tasseled anklets/shoe covers work for you?

Miss Jo said...

hmmm see i am not so sure about the tasseled anklets, the rest of the outfit is great. but i am generally not so keen on anything tasseled.
what about you?

PN said...

I think they are distracting. The rest of the outfits don't prompt a thought of West Africa, so why should the feet? I guess I can see it w/ the jumper as it lends a sort of floor length feel, but still, not really for me.

Miss Jo said...

i have to agree with you! i see part of a shoe under there whose heel i really like but the tassels just make it look wrong, for my personal taste at least :)