Sunday, October 26, 2008

No No of the Week

Apparently this is the new Crock shoe coming out. I am calling it the Crugg, ewwwwwww. Not that either is not bad on its own but melding the two styles together is just a bad idea.
I don't really understand the obsession with the UGG, why does everyone need to wear them around, to work, to school, everyday. I doubt I would look so good wearing my slippers around all day. Plus here in Vancouver the ladies wear the poor Ugg in the rain, news flash, the Ugg is not water proof, so when it gets wet it looks even worse then when it was dry!
The Crock was made as a water or gardening shoe, and I understand wearing that shoe for those purposes such as kayaking or gardening in your backyard, but there is no reason to wear that thing to go to the store!

Combining the two makes the most hideous combination of a shoe I have seen, its not a wellington but its also not a slipper Ugg. Makes me want to run to the bathroom.

What do you guys think.....would you wear this? Be honest I won't judge!

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