Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Glass Globes

So as you may now I love thrift shopping, not necessarily for clothes but mostly for collectibles and crazy vintage pieces that fit (or sometimes) don't fit into my house. Recently someone recommended that I check out 1st dibs, an online antique and vintage shop that virtually sells everything! So I have been checking out the site, and yes there is some amazing art, furniture and just 'stuff' for your house, such as the above pictured glass globes from the 1920's. And guess what I would LOVE to buy one of these for my boyfriend who just adores maps, especially antique or vintage maps that hold so much history. So for the first time while checking out the site did I actually look at the price, and guess what each of these globes costs around $1,300! Can you believe? Well, I can, I guess I have been spoiled buy thrift shopping at flea markets and random places that actually do not know the value of the vintage pieces they are selling. So if you are up for looking at some amazing antiques online than check out 1st dibs they have a magnificent collection of everything possible but be willing to spend some serious money if you actually want to acquire a piece.Oh well I guess boyfriend is not getting the glass globe this Christmas unless I find him one for a substantially lower price!

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