Sunday, October 12, 2008

Favorites from the Selby

I don't know what it is but people in NYC seem to have the best spaces! These are some of my favorites from The Selby.

(love it 'cause i gave the doll on the right to my boyfriend who loves toys)

(love it 'cause I want a locket in my house)

(love it and hate it 'cause who doesn't want a panda-like stuffed toy on their wall, at the same time it reminds me of people who actually hunt animals to put them on the wall)

(love everything about this room including the brick exposed wall, the wallpapered wall, the fact that she has enough room to jump high on her bed, and that its an open space)

(love it 'cause who doesn't want to have a Dolly mug)

(love it 'cause i just love all outdoor spaces particularly one's that have a lot of greenery and how can you not love a garden that has a plastic deer standing next to you)

(love it 'cause i want a NKOTB towel, flag whatever that thing is)

(love it 'cause anyone that has a mickey head piece is my hero, oh and i love that black bicycle in the background, and the couch, and the wall in the back)

all photos are from the selby

1 comment:

Susanna-Cole said...

Such inspiring pictures! My last place in NYC was a dump (with mice included haha) but I'm hoping to have a loft in NYC someday!

Anyway, I absoultely love the use of lockers in a home, and brick exposed walls, and that last couch is just fabulous! :D