Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dining Rooms and Pretty Chairs

I am in the process of re-decorating/re-organizing my living room and dining rooms areas. I have been looking a lot at different styles of dinning room set ups, particularly different ways to mix and match tables, chairs, and credenzas. For the longest time, my favorite dinning set would have been a modern teak set made of dark wood, with a lovely dark credenza by the wall (all same style of furniture). But this year I have developed an appreciation for the mix and match of styles particularly using different types of chairs, in different colours. I will unfortunately have to do with what I have but one day I tell you my dinning room will be magnificent, to me at least! On my search through design mags, websites, and some blogs, I have found some of my favorite dining room designs with the mix and match theme, and then some extras.

But I do still appreciate some good dining room design with no mix and match! Just some good solid colours with some styles!

{photo source: ellmania}

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sasparella said...

Oh sigh, I wish my place looked like all these! I like the second to the last one. Cool chairs.