Friday, October 24, 2008

Clothing Picks for Friday

More like shoe picks for Friday! The fact is I am not in need of any new shoes but I seem to have this fetish with shoes. If I love it I want to have it, NOW, which obviously becomes a problem when you don't have a ridiculous amount of disposable income. I do have a lot of shoes, I even have a closet/room dedicated to them. Friends that come over stare it at awe and call it 'the shoe gallery'. I am officially not allowed to buy new shoes because the 'gallery' is already exploding at the seams, and my partner just laughs when I start talking about new shoes, my favorite shoes, or anything to do with shoes. He says I smile every time I mention the word shoe. Here are some of my picks for the fall, or at least shoes which I would like to have but I probably already have something similar and am not allowed to purchase it anyways! So for your pleasure and my torture, here are some of my fav's for this week.

Christian Louboutin 'C'est moi' booty! And its great because it just looks damn hot!

Don't know the maker but amazing shoe! Would wear it out and about, and even to work.

Frye boots because they never go out of style and are perfect for everyday trotting around, which I do a lot of. Unfortunately my old Frye boots are not looking so good!

Dolce Vita think pump. I love this style of heel, mainly because it looks good but is also extremely comfortable. Trust me Ladies!

This lovely pair of Fornarina boots would make my christmas, or really any day!

{photo source: frye, urban outfitters, christian louboutin}

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ofifteen said...

WoW! Those shoes in the second pic are HOT!!!!!!!!

ofifteen'designing your life'