Friday, October 3, 2008

Clothing Picks for Friday

Love it!

Obviously not 50's but nonetheless, I love this dress and this photo!

My 50's dream.

I love this dress, it's very cocktail party and the colours are perfect!

All clothing found on Etsy!

I am in a very 50's mood today , I have been watching a lot of Mad Men. I find the clothing was much more sharp and bold in that era. The sharp lines and tight busts accentuated women's bodies more effectively and at the same time a lot more femininely.


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh beautiful clothes! I love the first two especially, love that shade of blue!

Thanks for your comment, it was lovely read and I appreciate it! :)


PN said...

the girls get to bring the clothes back into fashion and yet I'm not allowed to smoke and drink the day away? Bahhhh!

Julia said...

Love the clothes. I'm also addicted to Mad Men - I want everything in that show!