Friday, October 31, 2008

Chalk Walls and Scribbles

The chalkboard, an old tool of sorts recreated in a new way. I love the full wall chalk walls that have started to pop up in design mags and design features. A great way to communicate with the family, brainstorm ideas, remind yourself of a dinner recipe, or just scribble none sense while drinking some wine! I would probably opt out of the giant kitchen chalkwall, but would love one in my office or studio.

{photo source: desire to inspire}

What do you think would you like a chalk wall in your house? Perhaps the kitchen, bedroom, office, or even living room?


Nikki said...

I would definately like a chalk wall in my house! To me, the best places for one are the kitchen and my studio (wich I don't have..) Chalk walls are functionable and they also allow you to finally draw on the walls.. I always loved to do that when I was little :)

PN said...

Screeching fingernails.