Friday, October 31, 2008

Le Douxville

{photo source: le douxville}

Eerie Halloween

{photo source: frank juery}

My idea of eerie is not witches and vampires but rather eerie stuff like shown above by photographer and artist frank juery! I am a big fan of horror and zombie films, but this stuff just gives me a good eerie creep up my spine!

Chalk Walls and Scribbles

The chalkboard, an old tool of sorts recreated in a new way. I love the full wall chalk walls that have started to pop up in design mags and design features. A great way to communicate with the family, brainstorm ideas, remind yourself of a dinner recipe, or just scribble none sense while drinking some wine! I would probably opt out of the giant kitchen chalkwall, but would love one in my office or studio.

{photo source: desire to inspire}

What do you think would you like a chalk wall in your house? Perhaps the kitchen, bedroom, office, or even living room?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Creative stuff on Bomboland!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Favorites from the Selby

More awesome spaces and eclectic interiors on the Selby! These are some of my newer favorites. I love the reclaimed factory and raw spaces, they provide so much character for a space!

{photo source: the selby}


I want these glasses found on A Cup of Jo!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

No No of the Week

Apparently this is the new Crock shoe coming out. I am calling it the Crugg, ewwwwwww. Not that either is not bad on its own but melding the two styles together is just a bad idea.
I don't really understand the obsession with the UGG, why does everyone need to wear them around, to work, to school, everyday. I doubt I would look so good wearing my slippers around all day. Plus here in Vancouver the ladies wear the poor Ugg in the rain, news flash, the Ugg is not water proof, so when it gets wet it looks even worse then when it was dry!
The Crock was made as a water or gardening shoe, and I understand wearing that shoe for those purposes such as kayaking or gardening in your backyard, but there is no reason to wear that thing to go to the store!

Combining the two makes the most hideous combination of a shoe I have seen, its not a wellington but its also not a slipper Ugg. Makes me want to run to the bathroom.

What do you guys think.....would you wear this? Be honest I won't judge!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

When Video Games Were Cool: Part 2


Hello where was I when this video game came out? Right, still not quite born yet. This commercial is hilarious, please watch and enjoy1

Friday, October 24, 2008

Clothing Picks for Friday

More like shoe picks for Friday! The fact is I am not in need of any new shoes but I seem to have this fetish with shoes. If I love it I want to have it, NOW, which obviously becomes a problem when you don't have a ridiculous amount of disposable income. I do have a lot of shoes, I even have a closet/room dedicated to them. Friends that come over stare it at awe and call it 'the shoe gallery'. I am officially not allowed to buy new shoes because the 'gallery' is already exploding at the seams, and my partner just laughs when I start talking about new shoes, my favorite shoes, or anything to do with shoes. He says I smile every time I mention the word shoe. Here are some of my picks for the fall, or at least shoes which I would like to have but I probably already have something similar and am not allowed to purchase it anyways! So for your pleasure and my torture, here are some of my fav's for this week.

Christian Louboutin 'C'est moi' booty! And its great because it just looks damn hot!

Don't know the maker but amazing shoe! Would wear it out and about, and even to work.

Frye boots because they never go out of style and are perfect for everyday trotting around, which I do a lot of. Unfortunately my old Frye boots are not looking so good!

Dolce Vita think pump. I love this style of heel, mainly because it looks good but is also extremely comfortable. Trust me Ladies!

This lovely pair of Fornarina boots would make my christmas, or really any day!

{photo source: frye, urban outfitters, christian louboutin}

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dining Rooms and Pretty Chairs

I am in the process of re-decorating/re-organizing my living room and dining rooms areas. I have been looking a lot at different styles of dinning room set ups, particularly different ways to mix and match tables, chairs, and credenzas. For the longest time, my favorite dinning set would have been a modern teak set made of dark wood, with a lovely dark credenza by the wall (all same style of furniture). But this year I have developed an appreciation for the mix and match of styles particularly using different types of chairs, in different colours. I will unfortunately have to do with what I have but one day I tell you my dinning room will be magnificent, to me at least! On my search through design mags, websites, and some blogs, I have found some of my favorite dining room designs with the mix and match theme, and then some extras.

But I do still appreciate some good dining room design with no mix and match! Just some good solid colours with some styles!

{photo source: ellmania}

Airstream Dream

My dream, since I was little, was to travel the entire north and south american continent in an original airstream. I have been to a lot of countries in south america, and definitely most of the states in the USA and most of the provinces in Canada but there is something about a long roadtrip in an airstream that I still can not get out of my blood. I don't know what it is about the airstream whether it is the silver bullet like exterior or the interior compact living space or whether it is just travel in general. When I was in Mexico I found one on a beautiful beach we were at, and although I love the place we were staying in, I was imaging myself hanging my surf trunks out the window, and sitting on a lounge chair under the awning.

Do any of you have a weird dream to travel in airstream? RVing for months at a time?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Igor + Andre

Found this great illustrator on the web today. The work is quite beautiful and mesmerizing. Personally I am biased because I love illustration, sometimes more so than paintings and other works of art. I find when illustration is done well, and the illustrator actually talented, the work is magnificent. This guy seems to capture fashion illustration with a bit of an edge which is refreshing, making these pieces darker than the typical fashion illustration. I would love to have one of these hanging on my walls.

{photo source: igor + andre}

What do you think?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Mexico

So darlings I am back from Mexico, and it was such a wonderful time. It was hot, sunny, and beautiful! However, I have to say I am loving the temperature and the rain in Vancouver, call me crazy but I do love the rainforest, the real mountains, the leaves on the ground, and the rich luscious colours of the outdoors here. The Baja was certainly colourful but rather with palm trees, banana trees, coconut trees, cactus and the desert.

One of the great things of being somewhere where you have absolutely no internet or phone usage available to you, it is so serene to have no communication technology when you are siting on a beach with no one else on it, and listening to the crashing surf, and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. However it is also a wonderful time you spend searching and seeing on what you have missed on the blogospehere, in the world and the news! Since I have been back...which has been less then 24 hours I have yet to search through my favorite blogs which I am sure will take up an entire evening if not longer.

But more about Mexico. The purpose of my trip was to attends a friends wedding, have a real vacation for the first time, and go surfing in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez on the southern tip of Baja. I have to say I accomplished all of that and some more.
* Ate lots of quesadillas, tacos, and fresh avocado
* Ate papayas the size of my head or bigger
* Enjoyed lots of local cuisine in local taco shops
* Surfed in the warm waters
* Caught a real non-beach breaking wave on the surf board
* Snorkled with the colour fish
* Did not get a sunburn in the 14 days
* Saw a sea turtle in the surf
* Bought some wicked silver jewellery
* Escaped Hurricane Norbert
* Reconfirmed how privileged I am to have all the things and people I have in my life
* Had a freaking great time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Charlie Girl

I stumbled on this beautiful art work by Australian artist My Charlie Girl completely randomly, as most of the things I stumble upon on the blogosphere and internet. I love her pencil drawings/illustrations they are very lovely. If any of you have ever attempted to draw a pencil drawing you may know it's not an easy task, and you have to have a bit of talent to do it well! Anyways I love her work, so enjoy!

{photo source: my charlie girl}

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Favorites from the Selby

I don't know what it is but people in NYC seem to have the best spaces! These are some of my favorites from The Selby.

(love it 'cause i gave the doll on the right to my boyfriend who loves toys)

(love it 'cause I want a locket in my house)

(love it and hate it 'cause who doesn't want a panda-like stuffed toy on their wall, at the same time it reminds me of people who actually hunt animals to put them on the wall)

(love everything about this room including the brick exposed wall, the wallpapered wall, the fact that she has enough room to jump high on her bed, and that its an open space)

(love it 'cause who doesn't want to have a Dolly mug)

(love it 'cause i just love all outdoor spaces particularly one's that have a lot of greenery and how can you not love a garden that has a plastic deer standing next to you)

(love it 'cause i want a NKOTB towel, flag whatever that thing is)

(love it 'cause anyone that has a mickey head piece is my hero, oh and i love that black bicycle in the background, and the couch, and the wall in the back)

all photos are from the selby