Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quirky is Normal

Girl Meets NYC just started a new post about quirkiness, and the things that are 'special' about you. I think it's great to think about yourself and the things that make you YOU. Quite often we don't inquire into ourselves what makes us tick or annoyed or really happy, mostly people just float from day to day doing their business without ever looking inside. In fact I think a lot of people shun the quirks that they have in order to fit in, to be liked, to be 'normal'. I have been blessed with a great group of friends who all seem to embrace their quirks and oddities. Personally I think being normal is not being true to yourself, I think if more people really dove into themselves and found what makes them tick, what makes them have passion, what makes them creative, then we would have a lot more interesting non greedy and over satiated people in this world.

So here are my 6 quirks:
1. i talk to the computer when i work, blog, or doing anything else for that matter
2. when i find something i like, i have to have a collection of it such as bone china tea cups or 1950's books about housekeeping
3. i can't walk on cracks, i avoid them quite obsessively
4. i only sleep on the right side of the bed
5. when i eat food i mix it all up into a pile (hence i love things like burritos and sandwiches where all ingredients are already mixed up) however interestingly enough i can't stand chicken or meat pies
6. i only wash my hair at night

and now i have to figure out how to tag others!
what are your quirks?

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Susanna-Cole said...

I loved reading your quirks! :) And I know what you mean, I mean really if you think about it, if everyone is a bit weird, then wouldn't that make weird the normal, and normal would be weird? If you get what I'm saying haha.

And thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll, I added your link to mine as well! :)