Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paris Fashion Week: Early Pick

Marlies Dekkers 'lingerie' Ready to Wear Spring 2009

I got no words for this one except: loving it! And did you notice the knitted/crocheted chain link accessory? Amazing!


Anonymous said...

I love this photo, white is very appealing - I am attracted to white apparel. Regarding the lady with the Alaskan King crab in her office, maybe it's... her...lunch? It looks so surreal and psychotic. I'm posting as anonymous but I'm the follower to your blog, you know who I am. I found that Google would pick up my name when I write comments on my cousin's blog so I have to post this way on blogs! - A.R.

Miss Jo said...

hey a! i know exactly who you are, and i love this outfit too!