Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NY Fashion Week Favorites

{zac posen}


{someone from project runway}

{mathew williamson}

{jill stuart}
{photo source: mercedes-benz fashion week}

So this week I flipped through all the designers and their shows at the NY Fashion Week 2009 and disappointingly found most of the shows uninspiring. Not to be unfair, all the clothes are gorgeous, made with amazing tailor ship, and craft. And if someone decided to give me some I wouldn't complain about taking them. However, at the price tags at which most of these pieces go for, I felt a little let down. Most had very similar staple pieces from show to show. It just felt like I had seen this all before in Spring 2008. The key staple piece trend 'the super ass skinny model'. The one's in this post seem to be at least eating something, other photos most models looked like either they never ate or they were malnourished 14 year olds. AHHH Fashion!

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