Sunday, September 28, 2008

No No of the Week

Sorry Sarah Palin, it wouldn't really matter who was in this photo, mother, sister, husband or kid, it's just plainly just bad style, taste and some more bad taste. Please, is there really a need to have a real life size semi stuffed bear/pelt on your couch, and a stuffed crab (who knew they stuffed crabs?) in your office. Do you not have enough living wildlife at your door step in Alaska? Is it to intimidate people coming into your office? Imagine if it was a stuffed dog or cat, then everyone would be in an uproar but no it's a bear one of the animals becoming close to being on the world's animal endangered list. Do we really need to capture these animals and kill them, for no other reason than to display them to others to show our superiority in the animal kingdom. I think not. At the same time, taste is taste and it can not be bought or contrived. So please whoever reads this post, please do not ever condone such animal cruelty, and bad taste.

Thank you and have a great Sunday everybody!

Miss Jo


Ellie said...

LOL this has GOT to be photoshopped. Hilarious.

Coveiter said...

oh my word!! yikes!

{ julie }